Grafana alerting, multiple possibilities

Hi, I’m setting up an alerting Solution with Grafana Oncall, but I’m a bit confused about the multiple options in Grafana alerting, I mean, I’m seeing a lot of information, and I don’t know when I have to use Grafana oncall?, when to add an alert manager like Prometheus alert manager?, if I install grafana oncall, and can see it in Grafana, does it works just after install, or I must integrate it with the Integration panel?
In which cases, the Prometheus alert manager component is needed? As it seems that Grafana alerting has functions of alert manager.
As you can see, I’m a bit confused, I will appreciate if you can put some light on this.


Probably a bit late to reply to your post, but if you are still searching for answers…

If you (or a team of people) just want to receive notifications (email, Teams, Slack, webhook, etc.) when there is an alert condition (along with a message, such as “The CPU usage of computer is over 75%”), then you can just use the plain Grafana Alerting.

Use OnCall if you want to set up (or already have) a large cascading structure of people and the severity of the alerts (there is probably a lot more to it as well).

As for the alert manager, I believe you just use the plain one that Grafana offers.

Many thanks @grant2 , now it is clear.