Grafana AWS Infra Dashboard

Hi Guys,

I have been using Grafana for some time and its very useful and impressive.

Am writing this email to check if any one of you already have a Dashboard built for monitoring your AWS full environment, which includes LBs/EC2s/S3 traffic… in one place.

Say for ex. we are right now running in eu-west-1 and every halfyearly or by monthly we are switching regions, where we have to check if all our instances are switched to other region, traffic at the LB(target nodes), S3 traffic and R53 entries…

So what we are targeting is to have a single dashboard which will depicts entire health status of the environment/region.

Am sure, someone must have built dashboard to surve this purpose, or if anyone come across such dashboard? Please, help forward the reference.

Looking forward to hear from you !!


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