Grafana backend server proxy

As we develop a new plugin, we noticed that we could use Grafana as a proxy in order to query a datasource to which only Grafana has access to (for example the same server where grafana is installed)

We would need to use this proxy functionality in order to call a REST service that is restricted. Is there a possibility to set the proxy option to the backend server ?

Or, more specifically we need to find a way to make Grafana retrieve some SNMP information which should be used in the panel titles. Do you see any possibility to make Grafana call a system command, for example a python script ?

Thanks you for your time, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a http api, a plugin can call it via the data proxy.

Grafana does not do SNMP. You need to write a custom datasource plugin that calls your http service

Hi, thanks for your answer. The problem is that we need to perform some POST requests as well (for provisioning a new equipment) and from what I have noticed using the data source limits my API calls to a few GET requests. So it looks I can’t use a datasource, is there a way to use the proxy directly in the plugin without messing with the datasource type plugins ?

In other words, how do i call the REST api from the plugin using the data proxy but without using a datasource type plugin ?

Thank you

You have to write a custom datasource plugin, then you can do what ever http calls you like

ok, thanks for your answer. I wil try that


I’m trying to make this but every time I test I have this error :

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable)
on this line : fetch(input, perSubscriberInit), file : fetch.js

Did someone know how to fix it ?