Grafana datasource


Has anyone tried Grafana text panel ?

My requirement is somehow get some dynamic data in text panel.

So for that I can use elasticsearch or grafana datasource.

If there is any way of doing this, please tell.

The Ajax Panel might be more suitable in your case.

Any demo or sample for it ?

Putting elasticsearch URL in the place and passing the query is not working.

It is not part of core Grafana so I don’t think there are any samples for it. It is pretty simple though. It just shows whatever the url returns.

I’m guessing though that you are testing on localhost so you might be getting a CORS error:

Have a look at what the error is in the Chrome Dev Tools console.

I think it expects HTML or text back from the query so for your Elasticsearch query you could try the YAML output options: http://localhost:9200/_search?format=yaml

Thanks @daniellee
Had to change the CORS in elasticsearch to get it.
Thank you for your time.