Grafana doesn't send me a new password

I do http:;/localhost, I get the web login of grafana, but the password is not correct (although I have it written down). Anyway I ask to reset the password, I enter my email, but I am not getting any new email with refresh instructions.
PLS help again

For email you need to set the SMTP settings in grafana.ini

I don’t want email… I want to login. Grafana suggests to send me a new password in email.
What should I do in the ini file?..

Can you tell me where I can set up my password for grafana? I remember I defined a password, but don;t know where I can change it now…

Well, it is not a problem of the password. I changed my password.
When I run from http://localhost
It says “Problem! unauthorized”

Is this something I need to do with my port? the http 80 port?

(I see you have opened a separate question for this - I started answering your other question first).

Can you login with the default admin account (with password admin)?

yes, great :slight_smile: works with Admin.
Daniel, what is the simplest way to use an excel data with grafana?.. (I understand I can not upload an excel table to grafana).

Can you explain your use case a bit more - why an excel sheet in Grafana instead of just using Excel charts?