Grafana for AWS CloudWatch

grafana for AWS CloudWatch
ec2 AWS CloudWatch centos7
alert error: Validation failed Failed to extract alert.Reason: Evaluator has invalid parameter PanelId: 3 DashboardId: 3

CloudWatch does not support alert????

Cloudwatch does not support alerting yet. The feature is under development. You can follow the progress here on GitHub:

I’ve upgraded to 4.6.1 version of grafana with cloudwatch alerting support. I am trying to create an alert for AWS RDS service with cloudwatch datasource.
Is it possible to group DBinstancesidentifier? Currently I can either choose template variable or individual instance. If I were to generate an alert from this graph then I need to group instances. I tried using * but it didn’t work which works fine with influxdb datasource to group instances.

Don’t think the Cloudwatch API has support for regex/wildcards: