Grafana for postgres: Installing older version is a solution?

Hey guys, I installed Grafana on my ubuntu… The problem that I’m facing is that I’m working with postgres database which is not supproted from grafana (the website says the opposite) :frowning:

I even installed a plugin that should make it happen: ([]). But this didn’t change nothing.

Can anyone help me get my grafana support postgres ?
update: I’m working with the newest version of Grafana… I’m wonderring if installing an older one would help me.

Thank you !

You can use postgres for grafanas main db, where it stores users and dashboards.

There is not datasource for postgres yet, the one you linked to only works with his grafana fork

Hey @torkel , thank you for the reply.
Can you please explain me what you meant with grafana fork?
I installed grafana 3.0.2 and now with the plugin I linked I can choose a postgres db as data source… But when doing this I get an error from grafana:
internal server error.

that plugin does not work with any released version of Grafana. The plugin author had to modify Grafana to make it work .

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Thank you again… I’ll see if he has uploaded a modified version.
I also read that you are planning to create a grafana-plugin for postgres as you did for mysql … right?

yes! that is correct