Grafana Hive Connector

I do not see any available data source plugin to connect to Apache Hive directly from Grafana.
All questions that have been asked thus far to the community seem unanswered -
There is not much in the internet as well.
Given Hive is an extremely well known database / datawarehouse in the HDFS cluster, it is hard to believe that a plugin for Hive does not yet exist in Grafana.
Can you please help me on this whether there is any ongoing development or there are other connectors that accept a Hive server connection details and connect to Hive from Grafana ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @jeeshandas

There’s currently no development for a specific Apache Hive datasource but there are a few things you can do:

  • Raise an issue with Apache Hive to see if they can submit a datasource for Grafana
  • Find an alternative way Apache Hive exports data and connect that to Grafana. For example, could you export the data you want to visualize in Mysql and then read it from it?