Grafana,influxdb and telegraf in production

Hi I am Nee to grafana. I have a project to implement grafana, influxdb and telegraf in my company to visualise metrics from virtual servers ,network and some other input sources. My conservative are

  1. I didn’t see any docs regarding the hardware specs for grafana server. (RAM,CPU)
    2.How many users can login to grafana console at a time if we use ldap authentication.
    3.Is Single sign on possible in grafana
  2. Does 8 CPU , 32 GB RAM virtual
    Machine can host grafana , influxdb and the collector telegraf? If my production environment is of moderate load environment as mentioned in influxdb docs.
    I need all of yours expert opinion on these doubts.

Can can be run on very minimal hardware, does not use a lot of cpu or memory