Grafana logged in user


i am using grafana-reporter for building the PDF report. I would like to show the logged in user in PDF, is there any way to fetch the logged in user ?
thank you

Hi Torkel / Grafana,

I would like to know , is there any way to fetch the currently logged in user by calling grafana backend using GO . i have seen your old comment to fetch the username using javascript, but not sure how to do it from GO. Could you please let us know, technically is it possible to do that? if yes please let me know me the approach of achieving it. if technically not possible, kindly let me know. thank you.

Your question is not Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example, so it is not easy to get to you right answer (which Golang go code - your report or Grafana code? what do you have available in the code - user id/token/cookies/…).

Generic answer: try to call API, for example

Thanks for your reply jangaraj.

Yes i have API Token, let me pull the user using API as your suggested/