Grafana metrics sent to graphite do not work correctly


I have enabled my grafana server (version 4.2.0) to send metrics to a graphite endpoint. I am seeing some discrepancies between the metrics as reported to graphite versus the metrics as reported at /api/metrics endpoint on grafana.

The discrepancies are only present on some of the metrics:

As seen in the attached image, the metrics sent to Graphite seem to have a bug where the count & value metrics are wrongly reported as 0.

Is this a bug or a misconfiguration on my part?


the metrics that end in count that are sent to graphite are reset to zero each reporting interval. This is to take advantage of default graphite storage-aggregation.conf which looks like this

pattern = \.count$
xFilesFactor = 0
aggregationMethod = sum

So metrics ending in .count get’s summed, which means that when sending them to graphite the sender should only report deltas.

The metrics URL api cannot reset so it will report incremental totals.

Thanks! Now, those make sense.

What about the ones that end in value?
Specifically, the
“value” : 12

which gets reported as
stat_totals.stat_dashboards 0

Is that metric also intended to be an interval counter?
It reads like its supposed to be a current stat of the number of dashboards in the grafana implementation.

yes, that is a gauge, ie reporting a current total value

Thanks for confirming that!
If those are gauges, then shouldnt the value reported to graphite reflect the current total too? As you can see in the image I had attached, those are also being reported as 0 instead of the current total.

Am I missing something in my configurations to get this to work?