Grafana Re-Creates Users

I have issue, currently, with AzureAD Login.

Weirdly this worked a few months ago but now its causing me issues.

NOTE: Login WORKS. I can Login with my Azure AD Accounts. Any of them.

The problem is that every time i login it re-creates the user. And Deletes any previous rights given to the user.

So essentially i cannot give no rights to users that use AzureAD to login.

I cannot grasp what the issue is.
Is Azure sending different ID’s with the same Email every time ?

I am getting this with grafana 7.1.3 or 8.1.2

Any Help will be appreciated

I do the installation with Helm using the Prometheus-Stack chart.


Apparently something is changed and now i have to assign my grafana roles in azure ad.
I swear to god, this was working differently a month ago.

Sorry or the post spam.