Grafana showing huge difference in values from Kibana

I have made some visualizations in Kibana. But I am moving from Kibana to Grafana.

Please see the diffrences in the values. Both the dashboards are querying the same datasource and the same time limit.

This is the screenshot from kibana.

ANd this below is the screeenshot from grafana.

The kibana values are correct.

And See the difference in the values. It is missing like 5000 data ppoints.

make sure the date histogram interval is really large so you only get one data point back (pie chart panel only supports time series so you need the date histogram).


The interval is same. It is clear in the snapshot. It is showing data from previous month on both sides.

But that is a huge difference.

I was talking about date histogram interval, not time range

When the interval is auto, these values appear.

When I change the interval to anything else than the auto, It does not show any values. It shows zeroes only.

It keeps on loading, then just 0s appear

thats supper strange, unable to replicate that.

why did you set the interval so low?

Try setting it to 1y so you only get 1 data point (the total count for the dashboard time range)

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Thank You Mr.Torkel.

I now get the thing about setting this interval. Solved.

An Issue has come up again.

I set the interval to 1 month. And everything went fine.

So, now the interval is 1 month, and I choose to see the data over last 6 months. Now, again it shows me incorrect data. So, now I have to change interval to 6 months. And It shows me the correct data.

Why so ?

because date histogram splits count into buckets by your chosen interval, if you always want the total for the time range set interval to 6y or something big like that.

Or in pie chart options set the stat to show to Total


HI guys,

I am also having the same issue(Count Mismatch) with grafana and kibana.

Kibana is always showing exact count while grafana not. i am using bar graph(Time Mode) in grafana for last 7 days with 1 day interval.

Here is Kibana Stats for last 7 day with 1 day interval…

Kibana’s count of 28 Jan is 1495350

Hers is Grafana Stats for last 7 day with 1 day interval.

Grafana’s count of 28 Jan is 1449261

This issue only exist when i am looking for last x days data. For single day like today, yesterday data is always right in grafana also.

I am not getting what is the problem with last x day data.