Grafana + Table Sheet

Hey, everyone.
I’ve installed grafana on a ubuntu machine and have been enjoying so far playing around with a Graphite Database. It is an amazing tool for dashboards. Soooo useful!!

I have a excel sheet with some data that I would like to built a dashboard over it. Does grafana do that sort of thing? If so, what do I have to do to make Grafana acces my excel table as a data base? Ar there any tutorials on it?


Currently there isn’t a data source that allows Excel to be used a database. There is a feature request for it but it does not look like anyone ever built it: Generic HTTP CSV / TSV datasource plugin · Issue #3305 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

It is definitely possible to make such a data source. The only thing I know about that is close is the Grafana TestData data source where you can paste in comma separated values:


Great @daniellee, thanks for your reply. I’ll try to to play with the TestData you mentioned.

It would definitely be great to have such a binding, since Excel is still the most commom tool to handle data.