Grafana v5.1.2 dashboard share issue

Hi everyone. Im using Grafana with openhab2, and dashboard from grafana are showing in openhab via iframe.
It worked very good, link to dashboard was something like this
but after update (installed on another machine) it stoped working, and I found out that now it should look something like this
with 9 random symbols for every dashboard. This is irritating, because all my config files generated automatically, and what I should do with this - have no idea.

Grafana v5.1.2 (c3c690e21)

Thanks, now I got it. But it seems I can only edit this uid in raw JSON code… Or there is another way?

You cannot edit the uid through the Grafana user interface - you’ll need to use the http api.

so it is just POST/GET and stuff? No “manual” interface?

Yes at the moment if you’re not using a recent nightly build or building from source which have a fix for this issue included:

That’s basically allow you to edit the json model under dashboard settings. Targeted to be included in v5.2 stable release.


Thank you for the answer!