Graphana + ElasticSearch : Display Percentage


I need to display percentage on the Graphana dashboard from the result of two queries.

Query 1 - Queries elasticSearch and gets count based on a condition like requests sent.

Query 2 - Queries elasticSearch and gets count based on a condition like successful requests.

Now, I need to compute percentage of success and display on the dashboard. Can you please help.


Elasticsearch does not currently support sub queries or dividing result of one query by another query. So this is currently not possible.

Thanks Torkel for the quick response!


Hello guys,

Sorry to revive this topic, but I would like to know if we have any change in this subject after 2 years :slight_smile:

Using grafana and elasticsearch, do we have any way to calculate percentage?

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I would like to see something like this too.
I have a use case that involves taking one query, subtracting it from another, then dividing by the total time. Would it be possible to do this in Elasticsearch with Grafana?


Iā€™d like to throw my hat in on this one. Would be great to perform simple functions, addition, subtraction, multiply and divide using multiple series. I could finally move out of Kibana/Timelion altogether! Please please pretty please

I think this is a question that is asked very much. Am very surprised it still seems not possible?

Try using Bucket Script, but not use count, use Average, max or min to the field, this is in the same query