Graphing Solar output on a Guage

I am trying to graph solar production data via the gauge

In some instances Solar production is a negative value. I am trying to use the Singlestat gauge to show its out put

it typically is a negative value between 0-10 kw (10kw being awesome output)

my threshold is -9,-2 -2(being low or bad, RED) -9 (being high or good GREEN) Is this correct?

The Gauge threshold is Min = -10 Max = 0 I feel this is not correct because it is filling in backwards. Is there a way to invert this?

Thank for your help


What datasource are you using?


A meter. for us the convention is when its power consumed it positive (+)
and when its power generated it is negative

The gauges and dials dont work well for negative values.


There’s an open feature request issue over at GitHub. Please upvote it to show your interest in this being implemented.

Until then, can you imagine using the singlestat panel without gauge - then it’ll work I guess?


I see your article. how do i vote for it

You vote by adding a reaction emoji of thumbs up. See screenshot at the bottom left. Right now there are one person who have voted on this issue. Just click on the thumbs up emoji and your done. You need to have GitHub account though.