Group bars by metric

I need to show data as it is now, without timeseries.
My query returns 2 or 3 rows, with these columns: statusName, countInStatus, countAlertInStatus.

Status “Waiting for approval”, countInStatus 10, countAlertInStatus 2
Status “In progress”, countInStatus 5, countAlertInStatus 3

I want to to show those countInStatus as a green bar, and countAlertInStatus as a red bar.

I made a bar chart with these bars, but im looking for a way to group the green and red bar of each statusName. My client needs to see that these two bars are connected, in a way that says “I have 10 itens waiting for approval, but 2 of them have some warning”.

I was trying to stack those two bars in one, but couldnt make it, because when i stack them i get value of 12 (10 green + 2 red) and i want my 2 itens in red to cover 2 itens in green.

Any sugestion on how to present such data?

Does anyone have any idea?