Group by Time Interval Confusion

I started using Group by Time Interval with our influxDB data to get daily bar graph on energy consumption.
However when I set it up as screenshot 1.
I get two bar charts for yesterday time range as screenshot 2, however I expected only one bar for yesterday sum of values.

I am aiming to get daily and monthly sum of sensor values.
Is this the right approach and how can I get it ?

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Looks good, maybe an influxdb bug?

What timezone are you in?

I am located in Sydney, UTC+10h.
If thats the reason how can I resolve it ?

the grouping is done by InfluxDB so not sure :frowning:

Trying changing the timezone settings for the dashboard and setting them to UTC:


If that doesn’t help, then do you know if the timestamps saved in InfluxDB are UTC or not? There is an offset parameter for group by time that you could use in that case:

The timeZone as browser is correct as when I switch to UTC the data start time gets shifted to 15:00 instead of 00:00