HA setup advice for grafana


I have gone through the HA setup for the grafana. But i would like clarify here on my understanding, if any one think if you have better solution. kindly update me.

i will have 3 to 5 grafana instance and connect to single postgresql db. The postgresql db will be installed in different server and along with replica setup. Before the user request comes to grafana instance, the request will come to (HA software), from here it will send it to any one of the grafana instance.

this is what my understanding based on the docs. Please suggest if you have any better solution. Since the grafana is going to one portal to view the metrics for elasticsearch, monitoring server and router metrics.

thanks in advance.

Yes, your understanding is correct.

Be sure to specify session options as well in config. You can use postgres here as well.


Thanks i will do that. Do you recommend any HA other haproxy? i would like to setup active to passive for HA proxy

no specific recommendation, ha proxy or nginx will work fine

thank you. Let me install and let u know if i face any issues…