Help grafana integrate with zabbix to stack graph

Good night dear!
I am using grafana integrated with zabbix and would like to know if it is possible to create an aggregation between two graphs (Free Space (%) and space (%) these items are percentage values) so that the sum between the two is the total space Of the disk (100%) according to the example image below:

Thanks in advance for your attention and help.

Hi! Maybe you just need a stacked graph? Go to Display tab and enable stacking.

Alexander, good evening!
Thanks for the message, I tried to stack the graphics and it did not work,
I tried everything before asking for help.

If you can help me print below with my settings

I configured the stack option and it did not stacked graph

Thanks in advance for your help.

You didn’t say that you want to use Series aggregation instead of regular graph. In this case you can’t use stacking.

Alexander, good Morning!

I started to change the settings “desperately” to see If I could get the
settings right.

Is possible, If not to abuse good will, to suggest a setting for me to move
forward um my research?


Alexander, good night!

Thank you very much for making the chart stack, thanks for your attention
and help.


Try something like this