Help need in creating Graphs in Grafana

I need some help from you in solving one of my blockers. I have data in a CSV file as below





This data i imported into influxDB and wanted to build trends in Grafana using InfuxDB data. In InfluxDB i could see 2 time columns as below after importing

1608049884791774500 1605259500000.0 724.7832306 166255 2063

1608049884796162400 1605259560000.0 673.3144437000001 164605 1937

1608049884800481200 1605259620000.0 700.1601832 166116 1972

1608049884805480800 1605259680000.0 698.838615 167624 1976

1608049884809480800 1605259740000.0 707.6997849999999 166051 1988

The first column is the date and i time when i imported data to influxDB and second column is from my csv file. I wanted to build my graphs in Grafana based on column 2 which is the correct time of sample got created. But in Grafana i am getting data based on imported time. Can you please help me how to resolve this issue?