Help needed with the installation of Grafa 7.4.0

Hello how do you have to install the core plugins for Grafana 7.4.0.

Has something changed or am I doing something wrong?
I did the installation as described here


Can you describe the issue you are facing ?

Good Luck

Halllo wlargou

Thank you for the reaction and for your support.

I use the Grafana open source free version with ioBroker and OpenHAB for a while. Everything is running fine.

Till now I use curves only.

Now I wanted to use the Grafana actual visualization (core plugins) in addition to my curves. That’s why I wanted to install the new version 7.4.0…

In the last few days I have installed Grafana 7.4.0. as described on the Grafana site (installation instruction see below) Each with the appropriate Linux version

Unfortunately, the core plugins don’t work in either case. The directory as described in the Grafana.ini file is empty!

The parameterization as well as the curve display runs fine.

After this experience then got, I installed the version grafana_6.2.2_armhf and everything works so far (In the old version with old functionality)

But since version 7.4.0 is more advanced, I would like to use it with visualization, i.e. with cor plugins.

In the list of plugins in version 7.4.0, it is pointed out that these components (boundled) of the installation are boundled

Did I not understand something correctly?

Did I made a mistakes? Has anything been changed? An error has occurred?

Can you help me please: how can I use the core plugins in version 7.4.0?

Ubuntu and Debian(ARM64)SHA256: fca35c7d49ebea00e0907ffb5868a9817299d1051334d30b3d724f3ef7038be3

sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana_7.4.0_arm64.deb

Ubuntu and Debian(ARMv7)SHA256: 7aaea7e483e8d9f30e0e1ff96e7b63b44a89cb5254c98ea8454e3c335657a8a8

sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana_7.4.0_armhf.deb

Experience report

To everyone who wants to install Grafana 7.04

I originally set up my Raspberry Pi system (ioBroker, influxDB, Grafana and deCONZ) to have a correct and “empty” installation and then wanted to make a backup of it in the initial state.
That’s why Grafana 7.04. installed in the “empty” system. The core plugins didn’t work.
Now I had the following idea: I had installed grafana_6.2.2_armhf and then Grafana 7.04 as an update.
And everything seems to be fine so far.
The plugins appear on the page and can be inserted, parameterized and displayed. The combination is as expected.