Help with simple graph ElasticSearch

I haven’t been able to graph any metrics in a sensible way except for count, and I’m wondering if there is something obvious I’m missing. I think the data is coming in correctly.

The ElasticSearch json looks like this:
{“_id”:“AWHcwzg-Ra1LtWDC7QB9”,“_type”:“Timer”,“_index”:“metrics”,“Timestamp”:[1519827236925],“Type”:“Timer”,“Name”:“[LAPTOP-PCNEUE7.iisexpress] Home.Index”,“ServerName”:“LAPTOP-PCNEUE7”,“Unit”:“Requests”,“Tags”:,“Total Count”:79,“Active Sessions”:0,“Mean Rate”:0.02,“1 Min Rate”:0,“5 Min Rate”:0,“15 Min Rate”:0.01,“Last”:0,“Last User Value”:“”,“Min”:0,“Min User Value”:“”,“Mean”:0,“Max”:6.02,“Max User Value”:“”,“StdDev”:0,“Median”:0,“Percentile 75%”:0,“Percentile 95%”:0,“Percentile 98%”:0,“Percentile 99%”:0,“Percentile 99_9%”:0,“Sample Size”:79}

My query filter works. But I don’t get any data graphed with Metric below.

Query inspector shows:
data:“{“search_type”:“query_then_fetch”,“ignore_unavailable”:true,“index”:“metrics”} {“size”:0,“query”:{“bool”:{“filter”:[{“range”:{“Timestamp”:{“gte”:“1519827373150”,“lte”:“1519827673151”,“format”:“epoch_millis”}}},{“query_string”:{“analyze_wildcard”:true,“query”:“Name:"[LAPTOP-PCNEUE7.iisexpress] Home.Index"”}}]}},“aggs”:{“2”:{“date_histogram”:{“interval”:“500ms”,“field”:“Timestamp”,“min_doc_count”:0,“extended_bounds”:{“min”:“1519827373150”,“max”:“1519827673151”},“format”:“epoch_millis”},“aggs”:{“1”:{“max”:{“field”:”@value"}}}}}} "

Thanks for any help! ~ Matt


Which value do you want to graph ?
There is no @value field in your Elasticsearch JSON…

Thanks! … I realized I was thinking about the the Grafana part of the aggregation in the metrics all wrong… that it applied to the data and not the samples. Also, my sampling interval was different on the server and application so I was getting a lot of zero doc samples that were making the graphs weird.

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