Hiding a row/panel

i’m currently have a dashboard which shows info for different Openstack hosts.
Host choosing is made as a variable in templating.
I wanted to add a rabbitmq graphs to this dashboard, but faced a problem.

Rabbitmq is installed only on controllers, so when i choose a non-controller host, rabbitmq panels are still there and show no data points.

The question is - can i hide specific row on specific variable values?
I tried row repeat, but it doesn’t hide the row, only adds new if multiple values are checked
Even when value = None, the row is still there

This is not possible

will this functionality ever be implemented? Or maybe it was already implemented since july?

It’s very convenient to have a slightly different services/servers on one dashboard, but empty graphs frightens a customer

This will likely not be implemented


I was looking into this option as well and came across this post.
Is the idea still, after a couple of years, that this option won’t be available? It would help me a lot to get Grafana integrated in the company I work for.