How can we create reports in open source grafana in pdf or excel format?

Is there any tool or plugin by which we can create reports in grafana open source version ?
Thanks in advance !

Please define “reports”.

What content are you looking for?


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I meant reports that you can create with snapshots of grafana panels and some additional customisation. To keep it simple, I want whatever we see in a dashboard summarised in a pdf.

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You could look at
It is quite useful for this sort of thing. There are some limitations, though some of them are with the Grafana API.

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You could use your browser print function to save to a PDF format

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We’re using in combination of Grafana functionality to render the shapshot images of graphs.
We have a nodeJs service that accepts the request to render PDFs and uses pdfmake.

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I happened to want to print a Grafana dashboard the other day, and using the
print function from my browser (Firefox) simply produced blank pages with the
URL and date headers / footers. Nothing of the Grafana page itself was

That was on Grafana version 6.6.2.


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Hmm…never thought about that…

That seems like a good plan.

Ah, a cynic :slight_smile: far enough.
You must work with people with a higher IQ average than me.
I once had a senior technical expert comment on a website with a dark back ground colour because when she printed them off (what!) she could not write notes on the pages! This was last year!

I came across the same issue and therefore started with my own development, which is already in production use. Look at this post:



Cool. Simpler the better.

How to implement this tutorial?
I don’t have any idea how to start.

I have Grafana server based on redhat.