How to add drill down/detail link to the metrics in Grafana

I have a graph panel & a table panel in a Grafana dashboard. I want to put the links on each table row & also on each dataset in the graph which will take me to another dashboard. Is it possible? Please assist. I am completely new to grafana.

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So basically Grafana supports adding a Drilldown / detail link for each panel. You’ll find this under the General tab when customizing a panel.

Grafanas default graph panel doesn’t support adding Drilldown / detail link per series in the graph. It’s possible that someone has built a custom plugin for this or else your welcome to build your own panel plugin. See official panel plugins or search github if there are unofficial panel plugins (not yet published to Grafanas official plugin repository.

Regarding Drilldown / detail link on each table row there are support for rendering columns as links, see screenshot below:


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Hi, I want to provide a link in my alert list for the ids of my devices. I am not using where clause in my queries in metics tab so that grafana will monitor all the devices which sends the data. So how is it possible to do that, can you please help me out asap?..
Thank you so much

Hi mefraimsson,
I am new to grafana and have installed version 7. I am trying to use the drill down option against the Prometheus datasource . I am unable to see the drill down option with PRometheus. Could you tell is it supported for all or only for a few datasource ?