How to build table properly with v7 vs v6

Release notes for Version 7.1.1 mention feature parity for the table plugin, but I am still not able to upgrade but for this one issue with the new Table Panel

Using the Table Panel in v6, with an Elasticsearch Data Source, to build a table using specific fields, you would change the ‘Query’-‘Metric’ to ‘Raw Document’, and then ‘Visualization’-‘Data Transform’-‘JSON Data’. After that, you would select each ‘Column’ you wanted to add to the table. In our environment, we have several hundred fields, so it would be simple to just select the 10 or so needed for this view.

With Version 7, there does not seem to be an efficient equivalent. After selecting ‘Query’-‘Metric’-‘Raw Data’, there is no option for Visualization. The closet equivalent is to select ‘Transform’-‘Organize Fields’. This would be fine, except EVERY field is added automatically, and you must individually select every field that you do not want to view. For us, this is several hundred fields. In addition, the fields available could change as the index changes and new fields are added. These would seem to begin to appear in the table since the default is to show all fields (columns).

My questions - is this the correct, new method (Transform-Organize Fields) to do what was easy in v6? If so, would it be reasonable to change the default for this scenario to work as it did in v6, so that instead the default adds NONE of the fields, and only what is explicitly specified?


I saw that and I don’t think it’s an accurate/true statement at all. A few features missing at 7.0.0 have now been added but as far as I can see the new table panel is still missing a lot of features of the old table panel. To name a few:

  • Can’t hide a column and still reference it (e.g. in a data link).
  • No “Sanatize HTML” or “Preserve Formatting” options.
  • No “Font size” option.
  • No “Paging” option.

I know some of these are being worked on for future releases. Let’s hope they all appear sometime.