How to change "what should be displayed as Legend on the graph ?"

If you enable the Legend on a specific Graph then the chosen “measurement” will be displayed per default. (Graph -> Legend -> Options -> Show)

But how I can change this, not to show the name of the measurement, instead to show the specific tag value, that is part of each SQL Metric ?


Metric A : SELECT “value” FROM “4weeks”.“BASIC_STATS” WHERE “cluster” = 'Cluster-1’
Metric B : SELECT “value” FROM “4weeks”.“BASIC_STATS” WHERE “cluster” = ‘Cluster-2’

Now I want to show as a Legend
Cluster-1 Cluster-2

and not

Use a GROUP BY and the ALIAS BY field. The alias by field uses the following convention: $tag_yourtagname. In your case, you want to group by cluster (then you only need one query rather than two) and then $tag_cluster in the ALIAS BY field.


Oh Thank you very very much - that helps me greatly ! :blush:
I’m very happy about Influx and Grafana , it works great together

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Can this be extended so that the “tagname” in “$tag_tagname” is a template variable?

For example, I have a template variable $GroupBy, which is set up as Custom with the possible values Application and ClientLabel (each of which correspond to tags in the data). I’m able to use $GroupBy in the panel title, as well as the GROUP BY clause. Ideally I’d like to also use it in ALIAS BY, something like


so the legend will show the value of either the Application or ClientLabel tag, depending on which is selected. As is, this doesn’t work. Is there a way to do this?


Use the alternative syntax for the Alias By: [[GroupBy]]

But that shows the value of GroupBy, not the value of $GroupBy tag. For example, if GroupBy = Application, I’d like the legend to show Rcv1 (the value of the Application tag), not Application.

Sorry, you’re right. Then I don’t know if is possible.

Wait a second. $tag_$tagname does work.

Have you got the case wrong or spelt your template variable wrong?

OK, I got it working. Using the non-edit mode, the query ends up being

SELECT non_negative_derivative(sum("messages_sent"), 1s) FROM "metric" WHERE "Type" = 'application' AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), "/^$GroupBy$/" fill(null)

and with an ALIAS BY $tag_$GroupBy, I get “undefined” for each label.

However, if I switch into edit mode and use

SELECT non_negative_derivative(sum("messages_sent"), 1s) FROM "metric" WHERE "Type" = 'application' AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), $GroupBy fill(null)

(manually changing "/^$GroupBy$/" to $GroupBy), then the labels appear correctly (e.g., the actual value of the $GroupBy tag for each series is shown).

I can set the GROUP BY field() value manually (using the construction interface) to $GroupBy (instead of /^$GroupBy$/) and it seems to stick.

Perhaps a little quirky, or I don’t fully grok something quite yet.


I realize this is an old question. I’m wondering though how I could do the same thing with the flux datasource (

Is this possible yet?


Hello daniellee , I am using grafana url in react-native android mobile app , it is showing all details with graph but i am not able to select portion of graph on device,how i can achieve this ?