How to create annotation tags correctly?


I try to create annotation with tags and the backend datasource is influxdb. The command is

curl -X POST "http://localhost:8086/write?db=telegraf&precision=s" --data-binary 'events title="Tag Test",text="",tags="tag1,tag2" 1491141536' 

And it comes up like below:

How can I make the tag correct? I have tried comma and whitespace as the tag separator. Or I missed something else? Thanks!

What version of Grafana are you using?

On latest grafana, with the exact same data you have (copied your curl command). I get this in Grafana:

ops@debian:~$ telegraf --version
Telegraf vdev-85-g7a5d857 (git: master 7a5d857)

telgraf version is no the same as Grafana version :slight_smile:

It was grafana v4.1.2. I have upgrade to 4.2.0 yesterday and now the tags are separated by comma :slight_smile: