How to define which alerts go to which notification channels?

Hey all!

I’m currently looking into Grafana alerting and trying to figure out notifications. We use a single Grafana instance and a large org across multiple teams - so I don’t want to receive all alerts.

I’ve set up my own graph, put my own alert criteria in. Now how do I make that go to the notification channel I wish to use? As mentioned I don’t want it to go to all configured notification channels - just the one that I have defined.

Thank you for any insight you can provide, I’m probably missing something very simple but I expected there to be an option in the alert UI to set up “On this alert, go to notification channel”.

In the Alert tab you have notifications on the side, there you can add notifications channels for this alert rule (notification channels are configured under Alerting > Notification Channels).

We hope to add more generic notification routing rules after we add ways to tag and organize alert rules.

I totally missed that alert tab…I derped so hard.

Thank you so much torkel!