How to delete/reduce metrics?

Hello again,
How to reduce total series ? It’s possible delete metrics in grafana cloud? I want to dalete windows_service_status.

I have found in the documentation this code.

  • source_labels: [ instance_ip ]
    separator: ;
    action: replace
    regex: (.*)
    replacement: $1
    target_label: host_ip

But, I don’t understand where i can add this source labels and delete/reduce windows_service_status.

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Ok thank you. Adaptive Metrics is free?

Hi @it7b710 ! Yes the Adaptive Metrics feature is available at no extra cost. Some additional resources are:

In addition to the resources in the guide above, you can also create a Grafana Machine Learning job to create forecasts for your usage and detect outlier behavior.

Lastly, you can set up billing alerts using this guide.