How update dashboards when updating a plugin

We have a plugin that includes 3 dashboards. This dashboards were using datasources written in angular and have been updated to react, which means they are completely diferent.

We need to update the dashboards so they can use the new updated datasources.

Modifying the json file doesn’t work. We get the following error

The dashboard has been modified by another user

Note 1: I have already tried increasing the version value in the json file for the dashboard and I get the same error. I also work in incognito mode so I’m not caching anything. And also I use docker and I’m deleting the volumes after every test. So the issue is not caching.

I also tried to create a new dashboard but I also get another error

Dashboard not found

Note 2: When I tried to create the new dashboard I saved the json file in the same directory as all the other dashboards, I also updated the plugin.json by adding a new include with the new dashboard info (type, name and path)
But when I use import from the plugin configuration / dashboards tab, I see the Dashboard not found error (only for the new dashboard I added, the old ones import fine)

I have no much of a clue on how to fix this… Is there anything else I’m missing here?

Please attach the dashboard json files/models and plugin json and we’ll have a closer look.

You might need to include a uid in the dashboards and/or in the plugin.json includes, see Reference (plugin.json) | Grafana Plugin Tools.

There is no option to attach files, but you can see the content of the files here

Old angular dashboard json

New react dashboard json

App plugin.json

Sorry, those links doesn’t work for me. Just displays empty content

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