How would you do that?


I’m trying to print the result of a weighted calculation (dont know if that’s a correct translation…)

the data is as follows :
carbon.test1.multiple.value1 100
carbon.test1.multiple.value2 150
carbon.test2.multiple.value1 200
carbon.test2.multiple.value2 400
carbon.test2.multiple.value3 100

carbon.test1.percent.value 0.5
carbon.test2.percent.value 0.2

The single stat value i’d like to print is the result of : (100+150) * 0.5 + (200+400+100) * 0.2

I can do this, but not dynamically, as the 2nd element “test1” “test2” (001 and 002 in the picture) is dynamic and others can be created in the future…,

Yes, it’s very ugly, but that gives me what i want, i just need to find a tweak to be able to make this dynamic.

Any idea ?

Some of this can be done with the help of reduceSeries and mapSeries routines.
However, it looks like it needs to have the same node structure which is not my case.

I simply changed the source data for the calculation to be made before injecting data to graphite. It’s just a simple query now.