"HTTP Error Bad Gateway" with Graphite and Grafana 6.6

Hi all,

I try to configure Graphite and Grafana v6.6.0 (5c11bbdfb4) to read rrd file from stor2rrd. But I get the error “HTTP Error Bad Gateway”. Grafana and stor2rrd are both installed on the same server.

In other post, they said to change the “Access” field to “proxy” but I do not have such a field. See picture below. For HTTP url I entered: http://myserver/stor2rrd. I left the “Whitelisted Cookies” empty.

Someone has an idea? I am new to Grafana and Graphite.


Hi Bern,

I had the same issue with Grafana 7.1.5 and Graphite plugin 1.1.
Both are running on the same server.

The URL was: http://localhost:8080
8080 is the port Graphite is listening to.

To fix this problem I changed the URL to: http://graphite:8080