Hyper-v metrics

Hello Every body im new to Hyper-v Metrics with grafana but few topics came to know like telegraf to collect metrics and influxdb to store metrics but not getting exactly whether to collect hyper-v metric i need to install all 3 like grafana, influxdb, telegraf in same win 2012 ??..And i already successfully installed grafana in win 2012 and after when i try to add data source like influxdb in dashboard im getting 404 gateway error ??? So how exactly i need to start pls help me to successfull to get hyper-v metrics???plss

make sure grafana-server can access your infuxdb server

Can anyone pls help to start hyper-v metrics in grafana as i’m started to but don’t know exactly where to start and what to install first like grafana or influxdb or telegraf as i searched many blogs where they mentioned for linux distribution most not much for windows so i’m trying to do on windows 2012 hyper-metrics so pls help me to start or any links exactly where i can start and end to be successfull results.
Any help would appreciate a lot…