I want to install grafana in new server

Hi I am planning to install grafana OSS on new server.
I should go with grafana 8.x series or 7.x series.
Which will be better ?.
I understand it’s always good to go with latest releases ( 8.x series), will the development or releases for 7.x series will be stopped in future?.
Appreciate community folks advises. Thanks

Developer’s perspective:
Please use Grafana 8 for new installations unless you have a very good reason not to.

There’s no active development for Grafana 7, we provide security releases (and support, for paying customers of Grafana Enterprise) until Grafana 9 arrives (next year) so that you don’t have to rush to upgrade to Grafana 8 if you’ve been using Grafana 7 before because of a security release.

We’re now well into the Grafana 8 release cycle, so even if you prefer to wait for a bit before upgrading to a new major, Grafana 8 is already there.

:+1:t2:Thanks for the information and advice .