Import users into postgres

Dear Grafana Community,

I’ve set up all-nice-and-shining Grafana 6.1.6 on Postgres. I have sqlite3 grafana.db datbase we used to use(Grafana 6 as well) and now I would like to move all users listed in user table in sqlite db to my Postgres db. Oddly enough postgres table ‘users’ in my new Grafana db contains only currently logged in Postgres users, not my Grafana users. So my question is: where does Grafana 6.1.6 (set up on Postgres) store users and credentials?

The users are stored in the same table (the user table) in Postgres as they are in sqlite. How are you transferring data from sqlite to postgres?

Danielle thank you for your answer. Everything works smoothly. It turned out that for postgres the user table is some kind of ‘system’ table. If you happen to have in your DB a table which also is called user, you should refer to it as “user” instead of just user:)
After making this interesting discovery I was able to move my grafana 6.0.1 to postgres DB without any serious difficulties.