Influx DB location

I have a grafana dashboard in place in a server.
I can go to this server and access the dashhboards.I have to add some panel into this existing dashboard.
My understading is to add something new into grafana dashboard ,ihave to know what is in the Influxdb.
So when i see documentation it says infuxdb listens to port.But i when i try to see influx db i can’t.
It is not displaying anything.
What should i do now?

Is your influxdb running? Have you been able to add it as a datasource in Grafana?

Yeah the dashboard is up and running.
I am trying to add new panels so i want to see whats in influxdb?
When i go to xxx.yy.xx:3000 i can see the dashboard but i can’t see data source.

Try adding a panel, and click panel title, then edit to jump to panel edit mode, there you can see the metrics tab and write an influxdb query

Thanks torkel.
I will try that way.

I wanted to see if i can add a table with sp_whoisactive details or the blocking queries in there?