Install extra instance of plugin for development?

Is there any good practice on installing dual (or more) instances of the same plugin?

I have a plugin today, that is working on our dev machine.
I would like to test some modifications from the Git-repo and would like to install this clone on the same machine.
But I do not want to mess with the original version that is installed and working.

This is a bit tricky. Grafana looks at the plugin id field and will only load one version if there are multiple plugins with the same id. So there isn’t support for having multiple versions of a plugin in one instance.

The simple hacky way would be just to change the plugin id in plugin.json file of the dev version of your plugin: plugin.json | Grafana Labs

Yes, I was thinking of setting a custom identification or something like this. I would have to exclude this file from the pull and commit then.

Thank you for the reply!

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