InstanceName versus instanceID in dashboards

Hi All,

ON AWS dashboard usually the titles are presenting the InstanceID (e.g. i-055677a74d5fXxxxx) how can I change it to the InstanceName (e.g. webserver1…).
I will appreciate any help.

I am running Grafana over over Prometheus and I have these lines on Prometheus config file:

  • source_labels: [__meta_ec2_tag_Name]
    target_label: instance
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Not an expert on Cloudwatch at all. A quick googling, got me to this page and in the list of dimensions that you can filter by I do not see instance name, only instance id. See the section named “Dimensions for Amazon EC2 Metrics”.

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Thanks a lot!
I meant something else on how I can change the legend and the query in dashboards to show the instanceName VS. InstanceID. but eventually just found different dashboard.

Hi @zohar, you mentioned finding a different dashboard - is it one you can share? I’m looking for the same thing.


Sorry for the late response.
I started using the WorldPing set of dashboard as main dashboard and node-exporter-server-metrics dashboard for drill down. Could not change the AWS dashboard to present the instance Name.


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For anyone who ends up here, this is now possible:


If I try to show $instancename label when repeating the panels using instanceid I get “All” instead of the corresponding name for each $instanceid. Showing the $instanceid works fine and when the filter is set to “All” it shows the corresponding instance id on each repeated panel.

Using the instancename under the repeat options seems to show the label correctly, but only when one instance is filtered it shows the values correctly, when All filter is applied to see all the instances repeated by name, the values seems to show a global average for all the instances instead of the actual values for each instance.

How could I “lookup” the corresponding instance name using the instance id in order to show the names instead of the id’s in the panel labels?