Interactive Chart?

Hi there,

I am new to Grafana and find the functionality of Grafana very impressive. But: I need a component for a chart for data series in which the user can make changes (e.g. the height of a specific data value). Is there a possibility to make it that way?

I would be very happy if there was a possibility for this.


Currently this is not possible. Most Grafana data sources are pure time series databases, they almost never allow you to modify a value after the fact, nor does the query return any identifier for a single measurement.

Many thanks for your answer! It is a pity that this does not work. So the values at another point would have to be changed (perhaps with buttons to change the respective value down or up).
Can an updating of the graph be done quickly, so the user is not irritated?

: Ralf

What do you mean? You can update time range, settings, auto refresh data etc very easily.

Yes, I meant a quick, timely update of the graph.

You can define auto refresh in the timepicker, by default the lowest refresh is every 5 seconds, but you can lower that in dashboard settings time picker tab to refresh every 1 second.