Is Grafana 7.0 missing row color modes?

Trying to recreate Grafana 6.7 tables in Grafana 7.0 and I don’t see an option to color an entire row based on thresholds applied to a given cell, as was previously possible. See ThresholdsColor Mode in the following image:

Is that still possible? And, side-question: would it be possible to color the row based on a string in another column? E.g. row should be red when Result cell is FAILURE and green when green when result cell is SUCCESS.


I have the same problem. I can only apply color to one field / column not the whole row.

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It seems to be one of several things that the the old table panel could do that the new one cannot (at least not yet). Personally I am just continuing to use the old table panel in v7 (via cut/paste) until (I hope) the new table panel can do everything that the old one could…

I love the product but most people would expect a newer version to be able to do what an old version could and more. With v7 the table panel does have some improvements but is a backward step in a lot of other ways.


Good thing we still can duplicate old tables, hope devs will see this thread.

Is there a github issue where we can track this?