Is Grafana supports non time series graphs ,if yes can we plot a graph using numeric and non numeric values in different axis

Hi ,

We are recently using Grafana tool to provide graph’s on our Proactive monitor system. Can we plot a graph using grafana mixture of numeric values on y axis and string values on x-axies. X-axis contains our facilities names and y-axis contains offline rooms in particular facility count {numeric} and second y axis contains total rooms .

So far some extent i can use of plotly graph but in plotly graph i am not able to include second y axis as mentioned below.

with the below mentioned data model i tried Histogram,plotly and regular graph not much success to plot a graph using below data model.

DataSource - rest API {using simple json plugin }
Data Model:
x axis - xyz facility Name
yaxis - 7 offline rooms
y axis - 17 total rooms
x axis - zzz facility Name
yaxis - 4 offline rooms
y axis - 10 total rooms

  • What Grafana version are you using?
    Grafana v4.2.0
  • What datasource are you using?
    simple json
  • What OS are you running grafana on?
    windows 7
  • What did you do?
    trying to plot a graph using numeric and non numeric values
  • What was the expected result?
    Able to plot a graph showing non time series values
  • What happened instead?
    getting tostring errors when using histogram and regular graph panels .Some extent we are make use plotly panel but it is not supporting second y axis.


Grafana is mainly for time series. Table panels supports json docs & table format. But for Graph panel your data source must return time series

Hi torkel,

Thank you very much for your valuable information and we will try using Table panels to represent our data model.


Is there any plan to include this in future. We need to plot graphs for non time series data with mysql datasource

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