Is it not possible to filter (by) field values?


I am at a loss with this.

measurement: responsetime
tag key-value pair of server=
field key-value pair of ttr=100

In Influx I can write a query:
SELECT COUNT(ttr) FROM timeouts WHERE ttr >= 100 GROUP BY server

This will return how often each server IP had a time to respond over 100ms.

It seems impossible in Grafana as it would look like this:
A FROM default responsetime WHERE {“Here I can only select tags, but not fields”}
SELECT COUNT(ttr) {“Here are lots of options. Math is not working and I see no comparators”}
GROUP BY tag(server)

So am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding something, or is this simply not possible?

You can if you switch to raw query mode (text input mode).

There is an open feature request for this

Sorry, just after posting my question I researched further and found the “raw query mode” myself as well.
But thanks for the quick reply and thanks for all the work and development. I love Grafana :slight_smile: