Is it possible exporting (render as a png) a especific panel in dashboard?

I’ve a dashboard and in this dashboard have many panels, I want to render a specific panel, not the Dashboard completely.

Let’s assume, I’d like to render only one of the panels displayed in the image, how could I do this?

If I render the dashboard completely, I would do this:“dashboardName”/?parameters[].

I don’t want create a new dashboard.

Yes, support for this is built in!

Just open panel menu then share. You find the render link for the panel there!


Tks for your answer.
but, Is it possible do that via API?


I don’t see “Direct link rendered image”

I did (, though, and if I wanted to render more than one panel?
Likes: /render/dashboard-solo/db/dashboardName?panelId=81&panelId=82&panelId=83…

I have many panels in collapse menu, but I don’t want render the dashboard completely.

The link will only render one panel at a time, you can change panel id to change what panel to render

you need to access Panel Share (OBS Panel not dashboard) share modal.

My grafana not show the ‘direct link rendered image’:

Hello dedynobre, please check out this thread, that should answer your question :slightly_smiling_face::


image icouldn’t find the rendered image direct link

Hello annonyme1,

as mentioned below, that is because you have clicked on share dashboard (and not share panel), which doesn’t have the direct link rendered image option. To share panel (and get direct link rendered image), choose share option from the panel’s dropdown.


I have the same problem.
I am doing a test using “Remote Rendering”, but I am not able to create the image of the entire dashboard, just a single graphic inside the dashboard.

Within the share menu of the dashboard you do not have the option “Direct link rendered image” to capture the entire dashboard.

What is the right way to capture the entire image of the dashboard?

hi, sorry its a old thread, but i am encountering the same requirement at present. is it possible to render a panel as image using api? I could do like as follows: but wondering is there a way to do with api using panel name

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer eyJrIjoieDRzbjh6R1__APIKEY__joiZXhwb3J0IiwiaWQiOjF9” “” > filename.png

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