Is it possible to get the "other" bucket for terms aggregations?

Imagine I want to show the document counts for some fields top 5 buckets (using the terms aggregation).
Charting this e.g. in a pie chart currently places these top 5 buckets over the whole chart, they fill 100%.
If these 5 buckets only make up e.g. 60% of my whole data (and the other data is spread e.g. over bucket 6 to bucket 1000), I’d like my pie chart to show these other 40% of data in an “other” pie.

pie chart over the top 2 buckets in my data:

Example of the data this time with an “other” bucket to relate the size of the top 2 buckets to the whole dataset:

Actually this doesn’t only apply to pie charts but in general to all data where I’m interested to view the top x buckets (in whatever form), but still want to relate their size to the total size of my data, hence the need for an “other” bucket.
Is that possible today with grafana and the elasticsearch datasource?