Is it possible to support multi-level orgs? Or expose logged-in user as template variable?


I am building a Grafana dashboard that works with multiple applications. I have modeled each application as an organization within Grafana.

I use the Viewer, and Editor roles to bundle users based on who can do what with the dashboards. The mapping to the Grafana orgs and roles is achieved through LDAP integration.

This works well to segregate the information for each application to the users responsible for that application.

However, I now have two requirements which seem to go beyond this model:

  1. I am building a dashboard that would be common to all users across all orgs (for example, a “monitor of monitors” dashboard that monitors the Grafana itself). One option would be to copy the dashboard to all orgs, but this is duplication and will create maintenance overhead if anything needs to be changed. The other option could be to create a common org, and allow all users access to it. This is a better approach, but requires explicitly changing the org by the user. Hence my question: Is there a better way to make a common dashboard available to all users across all orgs?

  2. Within each application, I need to support execs (who want to see a summary dashboard), and operations teams (who want a more detailed dashboard). While I have separate dashboards for these two roles, I don’t seem to be able to set one as default for a group of users within the Org. This means that the starting view for all users in the Org would always the same. Hence my question: Is there any way for me to associate a default dashboard based on an LDAP group maybe through sub-levels within an organization? Or, alternatively is it possible to access the logged in users AD group as a template variable to create dashboards that can differ based on group membership?


We are working on dashboard folders & user groups (and a way to set ACL for dashboard folders and data sources)

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