Is there an easy way to init grafana with predefined dashboards?

I have some existing dashboards in hand, and I wanna clone into other grafana instances on new machines to use those dashboards directly.

There is one way to do it: 1) install grafana on ubuntu; 2) setup secret API token; 3) call dashboard API to create those dashboards from json files. I would like to make those steps via scripts, not manually.

Just wondering if there is other way to do it easily? e.g. by putting those json files in somewhere and grafana will pickup them automatically during start?

We hope to add good ways to do this built into grafana.

But for now we recommend this tool, it can import & export dashboards & data source definitions using the Grafana HTTP api.

Thanks, but we are in a restricted env that install extra tools(binary/nodejs, etc) are difficult… So I guess I have to write my script to implement that. Or can I open a FR for it?

There already are feature requests for this. No ETA.