Issue with working grafana behind nginx proxy only

Hi. I have an issue with working grafana behind nginx proxy only.

I use docker image: grafana/grafana:master

With docker image: tutum/influxdb:1.0

Without proxy datasource works as expected, grafana shows data normally.

If I open grafana througth nginx (with default admin/admin user pass) I am stuck with data retriving from my single influxdb datasource:

That is error in datasource settings.

Unknown error
InfluxDB Error: undefined

Graphs marked with ! symbol. And they are without data.

That’s grafana query from chrome developer mode:


That url output’s (for this url) in other browser window:


I compared queries (with F12 key in chrome) from grafana with and without nginx. Queries are the same.

What’s would be wrong ?

Influxdb configured without auth.

This issue resolved. Influxdb cause error when grafana works behind a proxy. Changing data source http.access property (in GUI) from direct to proxy - resolves issue.